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At entitledto our calculators are supported by hundreds of help pages to help people understand whether they are eligible for benefits, as well as to understand their position as Government welfare reforms take effect.

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About entitledto

Accessibility Statement


Affordability calculator

Age 16-19 year olds in education or training

Age and entitlement rules

Age-related tax allowance

Already claiming out of work benefits

Assessed income periods

Assumed income from savings

Attendance Allowance

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Bank or building society savings

Benefit changes 2013

Benefit changes 2014

Benefit changes 2015

Benefit changes 2016

Benefit changes 2017

Benefit income for tax credits

Benefits cap

Benefits included in the calculator

Better off calculation

Better off calculator

Better off calculator for professionals

Blind Person's Allowance


Boiler Grants

Breaks in care

Broad Rental Market Area (BRMA)

Budgeting tool

Bus Pass (free)

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Calculating Carers Allowance

Calculating Universal Credit

Calculating your bedroom entitlement - page 1

Calculating your bedroom entitlement - page 2

Carers Allowance Information

Carers credit

Carers with limited capability for work - Universal Credit

Caring overview - Universal Credit

Change of circumstance

Changes to Local Housing Allowance (2011-2013)

Changes to state pension age

Charges, ground rent and other housing costs

Child additions in Income Support and JSA

Child Benefit

Child Benefit Charge

Childcare costs

Childcare costs: calculating weekly amounts

Childcare overview - Universal Credit

Children and dependants overview - Universal Credit

Children between 16 and 20

Children born recently or expected

Claimant commitment - Universal Credit

Claims by 16 and 17 year olds

Client and partner working a total of 30 or more hours

Client meets qualifying benefit test for WTC disability element

Contact Us

Council Tax bill

Council Tax Support

Council Tax Support schemes not included

Couples and out-of-work benefits

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Date loan taken out or housing costs started

Date of rate changes

Deprivation of savings and other capital - Universal Credit

Disability and sickness benefits

Disability Living Allowance

Disability Living Allowance - care component

Disability Living Allowance - mobility component

Disability Living Allowance for children

Disability premiums in benefits

Disability-related reduction in Council Tax

Disabled children

Disabled Facilities Grant

Disabled Persons Allowance in Northern Ireland


Discretionary Assistance Fund for Wales

Discretionary Housing Payment

Domestic rates in Northern Ireland

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Earnings for tax credits

Earnings from employment

Earnings from self-employment

Earnings taper

Education and training overview

Eligibility conditions for Employment and Support Allowance

Eligibility conditions for Income Support

Eligibility conditions for Jobseeker's Allowance

Eligible rent for Housing Benefit and service charges

Emergency Budget

Employee or self-employed?

Employment and earnings overview

Employment and Support Allowance

Employment and Support Allowance Information

Employment and Support Allowance (contribution-based)

Employment and Support Allowance component

Employment and Support Allowance in youth

Employment and Support Allowance phase

Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funded boiler grants

Evidence overview

Exceptions Ð when you would be better off with childcare vouchers

Extra help when entering work

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Five bedroom rate abolished

Free bus pass

Free Prescriptions and Eye Tests

Free school meals

Free TV licence

Frequently Asked Questions

Full time education rules

Funeral Payment

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Get a lodger

Getting the most help with childcare

Gift Aid

Groups not included in the calculator

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Health in Pregnancy Grant

Health overview

Help during pregnancy

Help with housing costs

Help with rent


Home Improvements Grants

Housing Associations

Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit (rates)

Housing Benefit - help with rent in Northern Ireland

Housing Benefit rent rules

Housing Costs: more information

Housing costs: old rules or new rules?

Housing costs: rules for over 60s

Housing costs: rules for under 60s

Housing overview

Housing status

How earnings are defined in benefits and tax credits

How Local Housing Allowance works

How much does the client receive in Council Tax Benefit?

How much does the client receive in Pension Credit?

How tax credits work

How to tell which benefit you receive

How to use this site

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Incapable of work for over 52 weeks

Incapacity Benefit

Income from child maintenance payments

Income From Existing Tax Credit Award

Income from maintenance payments

Income from non-state pensions

Income from other sources

Income from sub-tenants

Income from voluntary or charity sources

Income Support

Income Support Information

Income Support and working 16 hours a week or more

Income Support rules - other people who qualify

Income Support rules for carers

Income Support rules for lone parents

Income Support rules for people who are sick or disabled

Income Support rules if you are pregnant

Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit

Information required before starting


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Jobseeker's Allowance

Jobseeker's Allowance (contribution-based)

Joint claims for income-based Jobseeker's Allowance

Joint tenants

Jointly owned capital

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Legal notices

Liability for rent on two homes

Living in residential care or hospital

Local authorities

Local authority policy on income from War Pensions

Local Housing Allowance

Local welfare fund

Lone Pensioners Allowance in Northern Ireland

Long-term health condition or disability

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Making an online claim

Maternity Allowance and maternity/paternity/adoption pay

Maternity/Paternity/Adoption pay

Meet the team

Mobile calculator

More advice

More information on earnings and benefits

More information on Tax Credits

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National Insurance Status

New formula for calculating local rent levels

NHS Low Income Scheme over 60s

NHS Low Income Scheme under 60s

Non-dependant rules

Non-work income and Universal Credit

Not British or Irish

Number of children

Number of rent free weeks

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Occupational Sick Pay

Other benefits overview

Other income above £300

Other payments from employment

Other savings

Out-of-work benefit claimed (IS/JSA/ESA)

Over 50 bonus explained

Overlapping benefits

Overnight Carer

Own other property

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Part-time fireman, coastguard or member of the TA

Passported benefits

Pay money to a student

Pension contributions

Pension Credit

People who are disregarded for Council Tax

Permitted Work Rules

Personal Independence Payment

Personal Independence Payment Daily Living

Personal Independence Payment Guide

Personal Independence Payment Mobility

Pre 96 Exemptions To BedroomTax

Pregnancy overview

Press enquiries

Privacy & Cookies

Public calculators

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Q and A on under occupation rules

Qualifying for the childcare costs element

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Registered blind (or ceased within last 6 months)

Registered blind but not receiving Disability Living Allowance

Registered or approved childcare for Universal Credit

Rent lower than Local Housing Allowance

Reporting a change in caring

Retirement Pension

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Savings and other capital overview

Savings rules for under 60s

Savings: rules in pension age benefits

Scottish Welfare Fund

Self reporting childcare costs

Severe disability premium

Severe Disablement Allowance

Shared accommodation

Shared ownership

Shared responsibility for care

Shared room rate

Single or Couple?

Site funding


Social Fund in Northern Ireland

State Pension Guide

Statutory Sick Pay

Student income and Universal Credit

Support for mortgage interest

Support for mortgage interest under Universal Credit

Supported accommodation: exemptions from the benefits cap and under occupation rules

Sure Start Maternity Grant

Switch Over Help Scheme

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Tax Credit Overpayments

Tax Credits

Tax credits: work out your entitlement or enter manually


Training courses Universal Credit

Transitional protection

Treated as having limited capability for work

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Under occupation rules: how many bedrooms are you allowed?

Universal Credit and Pension Age

Universal Credit Guide

Universal Credit Pilot

Universal Credit Sub Tenants

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War Pension

Warm Home Discount: automatic rebates on your energy bill

Warm Homes

Warm Homes Discount

Welfare to work providers

What counts as income for benefits

What counts as qualifying remunerative work

Which means tested benefit would you be better-off claiming?

Widowed parent's allowance, widow's pension or bereavement allowance

Winter Fuel Payments

Work allowance for Universal Credit

Work as a childminder

Work hours rules

Working out the value of your savings and other capital

Working Tax Credit

Working Tax Credit and people who have recently stopped working

Working Tax Credit: disability element

Working Tax Credit: severe disability element

Work Disadvantage Test (WTC)

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Your age and entitlement rules

Your dependent childs age

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