About us

About us

We are the leading provider of online benefit calculators in the UK today. We help people determine what they can claim from national and local government via our self-serve calculators.

Our calculators are authoritative and accurate and we are entirely independent of government. We provide a reliable estimate of benefit entitlements based on our in-depth knowledge of the UK's social security system. By using our online benefits calculators, users can determine whether they are receiving the right amount of money in their benefit claims, whether they are eligible for other types of benefits, as well as understand what their position will be as Government welfare reforms take effect.

We believe that everyone living in the UK should be able to understand what their legitimate entitlements are and honestly claim that amount from government - social security is a key aspect of our society and a vital part of our modern communities.

We have been operating since 2000, and provide our calculators not just through this web site, but also to numerous Local Government Authorities, Housing Associations, leading Charities as well as other web sites that need to provide benefit calculators to support their users, such as MoneysavingExpert.com.

Our users 

The people that use our website come from all walks of life. More than four million households use our calculators every year to determine their benefits entitlements. The employed, the underemployed and the unemployed, pensioners, teenagers, parents and singles. At entitledto we work hard to ensure that our benefits calculators are accurate and as easy to use as possible. Bear in mind that there are thousands of pages of legislation, regulations, orders and rules that underpin the benefits system! Hopefully you can understand that there are a few questions to get through!

We also work hard to ensure that people that visit our sites can do so confident that we aren't snooping on them. Our users know that we are independent and that they can use our sites anonymously, arming themselves with the knowledge and facts that they need in order to deal with the benefits system with confidence.

And of course, it's free to use, as many times as you need to. Tell your friends! Tell your neighbours. Come back whenever there are changes in the system., so that we can let you know about changes that the government is introducing.

See our Testimonials page for some reactions from our users. Got your own? Please feel free to get in touch.

Our customers

We are relied upon by Local Government, Housing Associations and Charities to help people in their communities maximise their entitlements and see how they are affected by welfare reform. We cover all means-tested benefits and our products are updated for new legislation, including Universal Credit.

Our customers find that providing their own copy of our calculators, branded with their own site styles, extremely helpful. The calculators quickly becomes one of the most useful and popular parts of their online offerings. 

The UK government is delegating more benefits policy down to local government. So local authorities in particular are finding that entitledto calculators are an essential way to get calculations about things like Council Tax Support out to their citizens. We embed formulae tailored to the Local Authority's own policies into our calculators. Digital by default approaches to service delivery mean that important information about benefits can be provided accurately, quickly and in a non-intrusive way to citizens at a tiny fraction of the cost of alternative mechanisms. Our calculators take the pressure off front line staff, allowing Councils to focus their attention on those with the greatest need.

Our staff

The team at entitledto includes leading benefits experts and a creative in-house team with technical expertise in the application of web-based calculators.

Our partner

We partner with the Employment Related Services Association (ERSA) to ensure that local authorities, social housing providers and welfare to work providers can access high quality benefit calculators that are kept constantly up-to-date with welfare reform. 

Advertising and affiliates

This site is supported by very carefully chosen Advertising and Affiliate links. If you have ethical, relevant services or products that you think our visitors should know about, please get in touch with Kate our Marketing Manager.

You can apply to advertise on our site through Adslot or just by getting in touch with Kate.


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We understand that your privacy is really important, and that the anonymous, independent nature of entitledto.co.uk's service is vital.

So we promise:

1. To respect your privacy. Your email address will NOT be associated with the information you input into the benefits calculator. The answers you provide will not be retained in our system.

As different parts of the benefits system change, we may want to notify you of specific changes which might affect you personally. For example, if you are entitled to Universal Credit, we might send you updates on that topic. However, we will NOT keep information that associates specific users with particular figures or other information of that sort.

At present we do not do this. If that changes, we’ll let you know.

2. Never to resell your information or use it for marketing purposes. We will ONLY use it to keep you up to date about changes, or proposed changes to the benefits system.

3. You'll always be able to unsubscribe, if you'd like to, for any reason.