Council Tax bill

Council Tax bill

Enter the actual Council Tax bill you pay, after any discounts or reduction for disabilities.

If you live in Scotland the amount that you enter should exclude water and sewage rates.

When working out how many people live in a property, some people are not counted. These are called disregarded people. If everyone who lives in the property is disregarded, there will still be a Council Tax bill but there will be a 50% discount. The exception is when all the occupants are disregarded students then there will be 100% discount. More information is available on people who are disregarded.

If only one person who counts for council tax lives in a property they qualify for a 25% discount on their Council Tax bill. You should receive this discount automatically when you register for Council Tax. If you are the only person living in a property and are not receiving this discount then you should contact your local council.

Armed Forces personnel serving overseas also receive a discount on their Council Tax bill. The discount for service personnel deployed on specified operations overseas is 50%.

If you do not know the Council Tax for your property you can use My Council Tax's Council Tax checker.

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