Disability-related reduction in Council Tax

Council Tax Reduction: Disabled Persons

You may be able to get a disability-related reduction in your Council Tax if your home has one of the following features:

  • An extra bathroom or kitchen for the person who is disabled to use.
  • A room which is 'predominantly' used by the disabled person. For example, it could be a downstairs room in a two-storey house which the disabled person has to use as a bedroom. Or it could be a room that has been adapted specifically for the disabled person to use.
  • Sufficient floor space so that the disabled person can use a wheelchair in the home.

You will also need to show that this feature is essential, or of major importance, to the well being of the person who is disabled. You must be able to show that the room or space is needed because of the person's disability and that they would not need it if they were not disabled. In this sense the room or space must be 'extra'. However, you do not need to have specially adapted a room or to have built a new room.

To apply for the reduction contact your local authority. They may ask you to send in supporting evidence with your application form. In particular, you may be asked to supply a letter from a doctor or other professional confirming the extent of your disability and how it affects you. It should also highlight how you use additional equipment in your home and whether you could cope without it.

If you qualify for the reduction your council tax bill will be reduced to the amount payable for a home in the valuation band below yours. So, if your home is in Band D, it will be reduced to the amount for band C. If your home is in Band A you will get a reduction of one-sixth of your bill.

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