War Pension

War Pension

How Much To Enter

In most cases income you receive from war pensions is ignored when help with rent and Council Tax is worked out.

The government’s rule is that £10 per week of income war pensions is ignored (“disregarded”) but local authorities have the discretion to completely disregard income from war pensions when calculating your entitlement to Council Tax Support and Housing Benefit. In practice most councils do operate a 100% disregard. Consequently for Council Tax Support and Housing Benefit the calculator will disregard 100% of your war pension but you should check this with your local authority.

From April 2013 Local authorities had to bring in their own Council Tax Support schemes for Working Age claimants. The disregard applied to your War pension will depend on the scheme that covers your area, the Council Tax support scheme for Pension Age claimants also has a £10.00 disregard but local authorities have the discretion to increase this and for Pension Age customers the calculator will fully disregard War pensions.

Please note that some local authorities fully disregard some elements of a war pension but not others. War pensions are made up of several elements. Some of the elements are fully disregarded by local councils, others are not. Unfortunately, the department that administers war pensions, the Veteran’s Agency, does not provide a breakdown on general documentation. As such, unless a form is sent to the Veteran’s Agency at Blackpool an accurate breakdown cannot often not be obtained. If you do not know the components of your war pension you should contact the Veteran’s Agency and your council's benefits section for more information.

Because the calculator simplifies the way war pensions work in some cases your benefit calculation will not be accurate. If your local scheme operates under different rules - or if some parts of your war pension are disregarded and others not - then our estimate will be incorrect. If you have complex circumstances you may be unable to carry out benefit calculations involving war pensions and should seek further advice.

You can find out more about War Pensions on the Veterans’ Agency website. This also provides more details of the help available to war pensioners to cover the cost of medical treatment, hospital travelling expenses and nursing care.

War Pension elements

The most common War Pension elements are:

  • War Disablement Pension
  • Rank Allowance
  • Dependency Allowance
  • Age Allowance
  • Unemployability Supplement
  • Allowance for wife paid with Unemployability Supplement
  • Allowance for children paid with Unemployability Supplement
  • Invalidity Allowance
  • Constant Attendance Allowance
  • Allowance for Lowered Standard of Occupation
  • Gallant Conduct Award
  • Service Rank Addition
  • Severe Disablement Occupational Allowance
  • Exceptionally Severe Disablement Allowance
  • Comforts Allowance
  • Age 80 Addition
  • War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement
  • War Widows Pension
  • Child Allowance
  • Rent Allowance
  • Pre 1973 Allowance for War Widows


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