Children born recently or expected

New Child and Entitlements Rules

Children born/adopted recently or expected

The calculator can work out entitlement for children who will be or have been born or adopted during this tax year (6th April 2015 – 5th April 2016). Because of the way tax credits work, you may receive a higher amount of tax credits, or start qualifying, after the birth of a child.

If your child was born or adopted before 6th April 2015 you do not need to enter a date - they will be included automatically. If you child is expected after this tax year ends (after 5th April 2016) then we cannot provide a calculation at the moment.

The main benefits available to families with children are Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit. The calculator works out entitlement to both. You may also be entitled to help during pregnancy through a Sure Start Maternity Grant.

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