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Affordability calculator

An online solution designed to determine tenancy sustainability

The new affordability calculator from entitledto helps organisations assess tenancy sustainability quickly and easily. 

By investing in this tool organisations can reduce tenancy failures, encourage tenant retention, improve tenant satisfaction and ultimately maximise rental income.

It has been designed with the professional in mind to save valuable time and resources. 

Why is the affordability calculator important for your organisation?

The affordability calculator:

  • Checks for unclaimed benefit entitlements, to maximise applicant's income
  • Precisely calculates Council Tax Support using each local authority's individual rules
  • Calculates bedroom entitlement
  • Automatically populates income from benefits and net expenditure on Council Tax and rent
  • Results are provided according to your organisations affordability criteria
  • Automatic tracking of whether assessment made and outcome
  • Flexible in design and can be tailored to your internal assessment affordability criteria
  • Full management information and statistics

Watch the affordability calculator video

Download the product guide to find out more about the affordability calculator.

Download the affordability calculator product briefing

Key features and unique benefits:

  • Labelled to your organisational branding
  • Updated for all legislation changes at entitledto’s cost
  • Independently checked for accuracy
  • Integrates with your internal CRM system
  • Hosted on entitledto’s site – all you need is a link from your website
  • No security issues as data is anonymous
  • Comprehensive Management Information suite
  • All the calculators will be up and running within three weeks from contract signature

How much does the service cost?

The affordability calculator is available as an add-on to entitledto's premium pack and can be customised to clients requirements.

Start your free 30 day trial

To view an example affordability calculator setup to standard configuration you can visit our free trial site. To access the trial enter your email and choose a password and you'll have unlimited access for 30 days. The affordability calculator is highly configurable to your setup and affordability criteria.

It's been a pleasure working with entitledto. The affordability calculator is now a key part of our lettings process.

Ellen Salkeld, Viridian Housing

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So we promise:

1. To respect your privacy. Your email address will NOT be associated with the information you input into the benefits calculator. The answers you provide will not be retained in our system.

As different parts of the benefits system change, we may want to notify you of specific changes which might affect you personally. For example, if you are entitled to Universal Credit, we might send you updates on that topic. However, we will NOT keep information that associates specific users with particular figures or other information of that sort.

At present we do not do this. If that changes, we’ll let you know.

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