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ECO Grants

What is it?

Various grants are part of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO); a government scheme funded by utility companies. These mostly cover insulation and you can no longer get a replacement boiler.

These grants help low income households in England, Scotland and Wales to become more energy efficient and lower heating bills. 

Can I get it?

If you receive a qualifying benefit the Government could provide you with the money to improve heating in your home. To qualify you need to be claiming a means-tested benefit or receive Child Benefit with an income under a limit. For more details see our ECO scheme eligibility guide.

To qualify you must be a homeowner or a private renter and the property must also meet rules about its Energy Performance Certificate rating.

Apply for a grant

There are a range of grants available to improve the energy-efficiency of your home. Our partner Energy Saving Genie can put you in touch with an installer and help you apply for an ECO grant.

Once you apply online for a grant you'll be contacted to check you meet all the necessary criteria. They'll check what benefits you receive and confirm your status (whether you own your home). You will also be asked for the make and model of your current boiler, and for insulation you'll be asked about existing insulation and possibly details about your EPC.