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Press enquiries

We are relied upon by Local Government, Housing Associations, charities and have some of the UK's leading benefits experts amongst our employees

Welcome to our Press Area.

We are relied upon by hundreds of local government, Housing Associations and charities who are helping their low income clients to navigate the benefits system, so they can better their own lives. In 2022/23, over six million completed benefit checks were carried out on one of our benefits calculators.

We cover all means-tested and contribution-based benefits and our products are updated with legislative changes as soon as they apply.

Press and media enquiries

For general press and media enquiries, please email us or call +(44) (0) 161 980 6276. 

We can help with:

  • Up to date, independent and expert commentary on the changes to the benefits system, including from our Director Dr Phil Agulnik
  • Unbiased analysis of the impact of change on benefits recipients
  • Appearances and interviews, including for broadcast media

Non-press enquiries

Please note if you are an individual with a query we are very sorry but we can't answer questions about your individual benefit entitlements.

If you are not making a press enquiry, please get in touch via Contact Us.