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Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions about the benefits calculator are detailed here

Q. How do I use the entitledto benefits calculator?

A. As you work your way through this calculator, you may want to know:

  • More about the welfare benefits being discussed
  • What the question you are being asked is actually asking for
  • Definitions of technical terms.

You can often obtain this information by clicking on words that are underlined and in bold (called hyperlinks). These will take you to pages that give more information.

If the question is asking you to put in an amount of money, for example 'how much is your rates bill', there should be a £ sign already in the box. You don’t need to put the £ sign in yourself.

Some of the questions will have boxes like this undefined If you click on the box with your mouse it will put a undefined into the box for you, which means that you are answering 'yes' to that question.

Some of the questions will have a range of answers, for example the different rates of Attendance Allowance. If the answer box has an arrow in it, like this undefined, you can click on that arrow and a 'drop-down box' will appear giving you all the possible answers. Then move your mouse over and click on one of the options. The drop-down box will stay there until you select an answer or click somewhere else on the screen.

Q. What is the difference between the free benefits calculator and the adviser benefits calculator?

A. The free entitledto benefits calculator is designed to provide clear entitlement advice to individuals whereas the adviser calculator has been designed with adviser needs in mind. There are premium features in the adviser calculator that help advisers to provide quick and accurate entitlement advice. For a breakdown of key functionality in the calculators see our free versus adviser comparison document (.pdf download).

Q. What groups of people are not included in the entitledto benefits calculator?

A. The entitledto benefits calculator does not work out eligibility to benefits for some groups of people because special rules apply and the estimates may not be correct.

These are:

  • Students
  • People aged under 18
  • People who are permanently in residential care, a nursing home or hospital.
  • Prisoners
  • People on strike
  • People who are not British or Irish citizens
  • UK nationals who live abroad.

Q. What benefits does the entitledto benefits calculator check?

A. The benefits calculator will calculate entitlement to contribution based benefits and means-tested benefits and eligibility to some associated benefits. 

Q. What information do I need to use the entitledto benefits calculator?

A. As you go through the benefits calculator, you may need to refer to various documents, such as salary slips, bank statements and bills.

Q. How do the Welfare Reform changes to benefits affect me?

A. Over the last couple of years, changes happened to the benefits system on an unprecedented scale. Depending on where you live and your personal circumstances, you might have had very different entitlements in the last year than you would have had before the changes.

Q. How can I get started?

A. Create your own personalised benefits report with the entitledto benefits calculator.