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Child Benefit

What is it?

Child Benefit is payable to families with children on the basis of the number of eligible children in the household. From April 2024 it is £25.60 per week for the oldest child and £16.95 per week for subsequent children.

All means-tested benefits and tax credits completely ignore income from Child Benefit. However, some Council Tax Support schemes do treat Child Benefit as income.

Can I get it?

Child Benefit is not means tested in the normal sense. However, if you or your partner have an income of more than £50,000 a year you will be liable to the high income Child Benefit charge.

The calculator automatically works out your Child Benefit entitlement on the basis of the number of eligible children you have. More information is available on when a child counts as an eligible child.

How do I claim?

You need to complete a Child Benefit claim form to apply for Child Benefit. 

You can fill in the form on the website or you can fill in a paper based claim form.

The paper based claim form is available from the website on the link above or you can get one from the 'Bounty Pack' that's given to new mothers in hospital.

If you complete a paper form you need to post your completed form to HMRC, along with any documents you need to provide. You may also be asked to download, print and send your completed form to HMRC if you complete the online form.