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Straightforward presentation of results with clear outcomes and next steps
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Free resources available to help you promote the tool
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Can your client boost their income before it's too late?
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Download data to analyse use of the tool and create management reports

Why is the tax credits take-up calculator important?

The Government is replacing tax credits with Universal Credit, which is less generous for most working people. Universal Credit is now being rolled out across the UK and once in place people are no longer able to apply for tax credits. If someone applies in time their income will be protected at the higher amount. It is therefore essential people are encouraged to claim tax credits as soon as possible, before it is too late.

Nationally around 1 million people entitled to Working Tax Credit do not claim it and when Universal Credit arrives in an area it becomes too late. The tax credits take-up calculator will help your clients find out if they can increase their incomes while it is still possible.
Help us spread the word about the changes. The average amount being lost is £1,600 a year!

Wendy Alcock, Take-up Project Manager, entitledto

Product guide

Download our product guide to find out about the tax credits take-up calculator from entitledto.

Download our product guide to find out about the tax credits take-up calculator and other products and services available from entitledto.
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How much does the service cost?

A branded take-up calculator is available on its own and also as part of the value and premium packs. Get in touch for a quotation today.