Key features and unique benefits

Key features item
Ability to add bespoke questions to match your assessment criteria
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Completed application automatically sent to designated team
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Optional action plan and homeless modules
Key features item
Inclusive of customisable budgeting functionality

Why is this important to your organisation?

The DHP form is a complete an online solution designed to manage your discretionary housing payment applications. The form is easily customised to your discretionary housing payment application process and includes full budgeting functionality so that you allocate your DHP funds where they are needed most.

The DHP form from entitledto means our customers can complete their applications at a time and on a device that suits them. The in-built management area means we can access the applications for quick processing and making sure our limited funds are allocated to those that need it most.

Lambeth Council

Product guide

Download our product guide to find out about the DHP form and other products and services available from entitledto.

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How much does the service cost?

The DHP forms are available to value and premium pack clients and can be customised to your requirements. Get in touch for a quotation today.