Product guide

Download our product guide to find out about the better off calculator from entitledto.

Key features and unique benefits

Key features item
Simple graphical comparisons between on-benefit and in-work situations
Key features item
Responsive UX design of new self-serve interface
Key features item
Advisers and clients can carry out quick and accurate benefits calculations
Key features item
Help benefit claimants understand the consequences of moving into work
Key features item
Seamless integration with your CRM system

Why is the better off calculator important for your organisation?

The better off calculator is an online solution designed for advisers helping clients into work. With both adviser and self-serve views the better off calculator can significantly improve the performance of your advisers at a low incremental cost.

The system is straightforward, quick and easy to complete, with an excellent reporting system which keeps our management team happy. I believe this tool will make a massive difference to our consultants and help to give Maximus an edge in the welfare to work sector, enabling us to guide more people into work.

Joe Barker, Maximus

How much does the service cost?

The better off calculator is available on its own and also as part of the premium package. Licences can be purchased on a per user basis or with unlimited organisational access. Get in touch for a quotation today.


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