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Widowed Parent's Allowance, Widow's Pension or Bereavement Allowance

If you receive Widowed Parent's Allowance (received by men and women widowed on or after 9 April 2001) or Bereavement Allowance (received by spouses widowed on or after 9 April 2001 or civil partners bereaved on or after 5 December, 2005) the current rate will be prefilled in the calculator, if you receive a different amount please enter the amount you receive into the calculator instead.

Bereavement Support Payment replaced all other bereavement benefits for new claims from 6 April 2017 and now has two rates, £350 per month for people with children or who were pregnant when their partner died and £100 per month for people with no children. Please enter the amount you receive in the relevant box in the calculator. 

Note: From 30 August 2018 'partner' has included cohabiting couples who were not in a legal union when one of the couple dies although this did not come into force until 9 February 2023. Before 30 August 2018 'partner' meant a husband, wife or civil partner.

You should enter the full amount you get in income from these sources. However, when calculating your entitlement to benefits the government may disregard (ignore) some or all of the money you receive from these sources. We will automatically work out the disregard that applies.

If you receive another benefit from the Department for Work and Pensions please make sure that you only enter the amount you receive from Widowed Parent's Allowance, Bereavement Allowance or Bereavement Support Payment into the calculator in answer to this question. Income you get from other benefits is collected elsewhere in the calculator.

To see more information on these bereavement benefits please use the links below:
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For Northern Ireland please use the NIdirect website