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Smart Pass

Qualifying factors:

  • Habitually resident in Northern Ireland for at least three months
  • Age

What is SmartPass?

All residents of Northern Ireland over the age of 65 are entitled to free travel on public transport. To get your free travel, you need to have a SmartPass.Your SmartPass can also be used for cross-border journeys and travel in the Republic of Ireland.

How do I get a SmartPass?

SmartPasses are free of charge but you will need to provide a passport-size colour photograph. You can get an application form for SmartPass or other travel concessions from any main bus or train station. Your SmartPass will last for five years. After this time, you will be sent information on how to renew it.

If you need any further information you can ring 0845 600 0049.

You will need:

  • Passport size colour photograph
  • Proof of identity including date of birth eg passport, driving licence
  • Proof of address