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Childcare costs

You may qualify for help with the costs of childcare through Universal Credit or Working Tax Credit. Our calculator estimates entitlement to this, so if you qualify it will be included in your result:

If you do not qualify for help with childcare costs through one of these benefits there are other schemes available. Find details of the help available on the website.

Increased maximum amounts per month under Universal Credit

The Childcare Costs element of Universal Credit pays for 85% of your paid out childcare costs up to a monthly limit of £951 for one child and £1,630 for two or more children. These increased from £646.35 for one child or £1,108.04 for two or more children on 28 June 2023.

Best option for help with childcare costs

If you qualify for Universal Credit or Working Tax Credit then you will generally be better off claiming help with childcare costs via benefits. Please see getting the most help with childcare for more information.