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Income from other sources

You should include under "Income from sources not already mentioned" most other sources of income that have not already been mentioned in the calculator, but this page identifies sources of income that you should not enter here because they are ignored or disregarded when calculating benefits. If an income type is ignored we don't need it to be entered in this calculator.

You should not enter these types of income

  • income from benefits and tax credits, we capture all the benefit income we need to know about within the calculator, those we don't capture we calculate ourselves based on your answers
  • income from savings or investments, instead enter the value of the asset on our savings page as there are special rules to calculate the income the government assumes you receive from your savings and investments. 
  • income from charitable sources and voluntary payments.
  • income and Capital derived from an award of damages received in respect of an injury which is held either under the Supervision of Court or within a Personal Injury Trust
  • payments from insurance policies which are intended and used to make payments on credit agreements (other income from insurance policies is usually taken into account)
  • grants received from a Local Authority because you have a dependant child who continues in education past school leaving age
  • training premiums or refunded travelling expenses for DfES Training Schemes and courses
  • enterprise allowance
  • payments made under the Access to Work scheme for disabled people
  • expenses received from a charity for voluntary work
  • income in kind (received instead of money)
  • money received for fostering a child
  • money paid out under community boarding out schemes for looking after a disabled or elderly person temporarily
  • money received for looking after a child instead of placing them in care
  • any payments you receive from a trust fund which was set up with a lump-sum compensation payment
  • money received from being a holder of the Victoria Cross, George Cross or any comparable award
  • money from the Social Fund
  • money from the Winter Fuel Payment or Xmas bonus on state pensions

There are some types of income that are not counted if you are pension age that are taken into account if you are working age.  

This list is not exhaustive, if you have any doubts about whether an income you receive affects benefit entitlement please seek advice from a specialist benefits adviser.