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Training courses

How your Universal Credit may be affected if you and/or your partner are on an adult training course.

You may get Universal Credit if you and/ or your partner are on an adult training course run by a recognised provider. A recognised training provider is a government department, or another organisation that pays training allowances from public funds, for example:

  • Skills Funding Agency
  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • Education Funding Agency
  • Local councils
  • Skills Development Scotland
  • Welsh Government

If you are in the all work-related requirements group you will be expected to be available for work. Your Adviser will look at the number of hours you attend training to decide whether you are available for work and what steps you should take to find work.

If the training is relevant to you moving into work, or finding more work, your Claimant Commitment will reflect the number of hours you spend training. You will be expected to spend the remaining hours of the week in work-related activities.

You must be prepared to give up your training course if you are offered suitable work.

Your Adviser can refer you to a recognised training provider if this will help you to find work. The types of training available may be different depending on what part of Great Britain you live in.

Looking for financial support for training and education?

Our Funding for learning help page provides details about your options.