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“Am very impressed by this site. Without it I would not have known I was entitled to Housing Benefit. I had struggled for 2 years as a Lone Parent without Housing Benefit and thanks to you am now finding it easier to make ends meet. Thank you!!”

Ms B

"Excellent, gives me confidence before applying. Thank You"

Mr H

"I have always wanted to know my entitlements and have shied away from contacting the Revenue or DWP for fear of wasting their time.  this was a simple way to put my mind at rest and I wish I had known about it when I was unpaid maternity leave a few year ago, it would have been a great help.  I plan to use this site to check my elderly relatives are receiving their full entitlements.  Thanks"  

Mrs S

“This has been extremely helpful.  Finding myself single with 3 children I was completely overwhelmed by the benefit system and what I could claim. This has been a lifeline.  Thanks"       

Ms V

"Very useful - thank you. I was able to talk to HMRC with confidence about my entitlements - great website." 

Mr P

"Hope you don't mind, but I felt I needed to say 'Thank You'. I tried everywhere, online, telephone etc. for advice as to whether I would be entitled to Housing Benefit (inc. my local neighbourhood office) but to no avail. I was on the verge of giving up my 22 hour a week supervisors job when I received a call from the rent team of my HA questioning why the months rent payment was a little short!! I got a quite upset and explained that I was struggling financially. It was during this conversation that she informed me of your website. Needless to say I logged on right away and have discovered that I could be entitled to approx £42 a week for housing and council tax benefit! I am really pleased. I shall certainly be telling other people about your site. THANK YOU."

Ms F

"I've just come across your brillian budget tool. It's very easy to use, made me think about all the expenses we have on a monthly basis (sometimes it's easy to forget things, but they all add up!) and I liked the way it breaks it down into a pie chart so you can see easily where you need to change things - great! You should try to publicise this on something like the Jeremy Vine show when he next does a slot on reducing outgoings/budgeting. You may be able to get a link uploaded to the BBC radio webpage. Thanks again."

Kirsty G


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