Welfare to work providers

Two-thirds of Work Programme providers currently use entitledto's online tools

Our core range of benefit calculators are designed to support advisers, maximise income and ensure that clients are aware of all benefits they are entitled to. However, we also recognise the importance of having a bespoke solution that supports clients seeking work and illustrates the benefits of being in work.

Our better off calculator is a bespoke tool designed to support welfare to work advisers with conversations that promote being in work. Advisers can provide seamless advice and support that guides the client through the transition from benefits into work with clear visuals and benefit calculations that compare in and out of work benefits.

With an adviser led calculator, professional visuals and accelerated benefit calculations, each licence will give you unlimited access to illustrate to your clients just how much better off they would be in work.

Key features of the better off calculator:

  • Perform accelerated calculations with accurate assessment of benefits in minutes
  • Benefit, tax credit calculations and results pages using a minimum number of screens
  • Create and compare a number of job roles to illustrate the value of being in work
  • Situation based calculations presenting better off results that can be saved and issued to clients
  • Clear and simple graphical presentation of how changes in work affect client entitlements
  • Detailed help pages and benefit information to support advisers

Our better-off calculators represent excellent value for money, while giving real benefit to your clients. Investing in our products will enable your organisation to:

  • Perform independent, accurate & reliable benefit & tax credit calculations
  • Keep pace with benefit changes & Universal Credit with updates maintained at entitledto’s cost
  • Track and report on the financial gains realised through benefit and in-work intervention

Your subscription and annual licences will:

  • Allow your adviser calculators to be branded to your organisation’s corporate style
  • Have no additional setup costs, all you need is a link from your website
  • Have no security issues as data is anonymous
  • Include comprehensive management information suite
  • Offer flexible adviser licence options to suit your organisations size and budgets

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