Cost effective solutions with varying options to meet all budgets

Our business model is based on delivering savings and helping our clients to deliver their services in the most cost effective way possible.

The two main packages we offer to organisations are our value pack and premium pack. Additionally some products are available to purchase individually and some are available to purchase for a set number of users.

The pricing structure has been designed to deliver the most savings for organisations and cater for different budgets and services.


How we work

You can subscribe to any of our products via a simple annual tariff that is determined by the size of your organisation. 

The licence fee covers hosting and central updating. You are able to customise products and if you require custom changes we will always quote for development in advance and obtain consent before carrying out bespoke work.

At entitledto we do not tie people into contracts; if you want to end your licence after one year you can.

All you need to do to cancel your subscription is let us know and we'll cancel the subscription from the end of the relevant subscription year.

Pricing bands

Local Authorities

For Local Authorities the subscription bands for subscribing are based on the number of Council Tax Support recipients in your area.

Band A: 0-10,000 Council Tax Support recipients

Band B: 10,000-25,000 Council Tax Support recipients

Band C: 25,000-40,000 Council Tax Support recipients 

Band D: 40,000+ Council Tax Support recipients

Housing Associations

For Housing Associations the subscription bands depends on the size of the housing stock your organisation manages.

Band A: 0-5,000 homes

Band B: 5-15,000 homes

Band C: 15,000-25,000 homes

Band D: 25,000+ homes

For other organisations we can provide a quotation, on request.

Get in touch - apply for a quotation

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