Housing Associations

Housing Associations throughout the UK trust us to provide online tools for their tenants and staff

Our range of online benefit calculators are specifically designed for the housing sector. Maximising income and being able to identify unclaimed benefits are an essential part of tenancy sustainment. Our calculators are simple and easy to use and are designed to help tenants check that they are getting all the benefits they are entitled to, which is the first vital step in good financial management.

Why are these calculators important for your tenants and your business?

We know how important it is for Housing Associations to find cost effective solutions that provide value for money whilst still offering maximum reach and impact.

That is why we have developed our products to work together to provide a seamless and integrated range of solutions that support housing professionals through the benefit changes. Our products already meet the requirements of Welfare Reform and Universal Credit and can easily form part of your financial inclusion strategies.

Investing in our products will enable your organisation to:

  • Keep up to date with benefit legislation
  • Help your tenants maximise their income, by claiming all benefits they are entitled to
  • Engage and support tenants to manage their money and make better financial choices with our budgeting tools
  • Track and report on the financial gains realised through benefit and money guidance intervention

More than just calculators:

Our benefit calculator is at the heart of all our products but we also offer a range of tools that can support your frontline services in key areas like welfare to work, income management, housing options and financial inclusion. Our range of adviser calculators are quick and efficient to use, they accelerate benefit calculations while providing a comprehensive breakdown of entitlement and income analysis.

In our range, we also offer:

Key Features:

  • Calculators branded to your organisation’s corporate style
  • Benefit changes updated and maintained at entitledto’s cost
  • Accelerated adviser calculations, independently checked for accuracy
  • No additional setup costs, all you need is a link from your website
  • No security issues as data is anonymous
  • Comprehensive management information suite
  • Multi-language option available on request


The tools are packaged to give maximum value and cost benefit to organisations. All products are available on a simple annual tariff based on the size of your organisation.

Investing in entitledto’s products will enable your organisation both to support your tenants with any reductions in their income and additionally to protect your rental income streams.


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