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We are relied upon by Local Government, Housing Associations and Charities to help people in their communities maximise their entitlements and see how they are affected by welfare reform. We cover all means-tested benefits and our products are updated for new legislation, including Universal Credit.

Our customers find that providing their own copy of our calculators, branded with their own site styles, extremely helpful. The calculators quickly becomes one of the most useful and popular parts of their online offerings. 

The UK government is delegating more benefits policy down to local government. So local authorities in particular are finding that entitledto calculators are an essential way to get calculations about things like Council Tax Support out to their citizens. We embed formulae tailored to the Local Authority's own policies into our calculators. Digital by default approaches to service delivery mean that important information about benefits can be provided accurately, quickly and in a non-intrusive way to citizens at a tiny fraction of the cost of alternative mechanisms. The calculators from entitledto take the pressure off front line staff, allowing councils to focus their attention on those with the greatest need.

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If you work for an organisation helping people in financial need see information for organisations for details of products and services we offer to help you deliver your services in the most cost effective way possible.

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