What is Universal Credit?

16 October 2017


16 October 2017 | What is Universal Credit?

Universal Credit is the new benefit for working-age people by merging all six benefits into one single payment and was designed to make claiming benefits easier.

Download our new product brochure

5 October 2017


05 October 2017 | Download our new product brochure

We recently designed our new brochure to keep our services current and offer services that can hopefully meet your needs…  and if you haven't read it yet, well you’re in for a treat!

Over £20 billion remains unclaimed in means tested benefits

14 September 2017


14 September 2017 | Over £20 billion remains unclaimed in means tested benefits

As several of us at entitledto are numbers nerds we always like to look at new government stats about benefits. In an ideal world everyone would claim everything they are entitled to – after all that’s what our company is named after – but in reality, there are millions of people who could claim but don’t.

Universal Credit Training

19 December 2014


19 December 2014 | Universal Credit Training from entitledto

With national rollout of Universal Credit fast approaching organisations need to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge necessary to understand the changing welfare reform landscape. Together with our professional partner, ERSA we've put together some new dates for Universal Credit Training in London and Birmingham.

Bringing budgeting into the spotlight

3 October 2014


3 October 2014 | Bringing budgeting into the spotlight

In our blog (also published as an article in Benefit magazine) entitledto Director, Phil Agulnik explains why helping customers manage their money has become increasingly important for local authorities.

Council Tax Support - one year on

2 May 2014


2 May 2014 | Council Tax Support - one year on

Last year the Government made dramatic changes to the way they helped households in Great Britain with low incomes pay their Council Tax through the introduction of Council Tax Support (although some call it Council Tax Reduction or Council Tax Rebate). Read this blog a year into the changes.

Under occupancy (aka the bedroom tax)

1 April 2014


1 April 2014 | Under occupancy (aka the bedroom tax)

If you'd like to find out more about this new reform and how it works read our blog by in-house benefits specialist, Nicki Duckworth. In the blog Nicki looks at the new under occupancy rules (also referred to as the bedroom tax).

Adviser tool for professionals

11 March 2014


11 March 2014 | Can the adviser tool help you?

The adviser tool has been redesigned and re-launched. The adviser tool helps professionals working with people in financial need and includes new functionality and a swish new look.

Benefit Changes 2014

1 January 2014

01 January 2014 | Benefit changes in 2014 

To help you understand what changes are happening to benefits in 2014, entitledto have put together this simple guide. You can find out how you are affected personally by using our benefits calculator.



Practical steps to reduce the energy price rise impact

20 December 2013


20 December 2013 | Practical steps to reduce the energy price rise impact

Read our guest blog from Guy Thompson who outlines practical steps to take to reduce the energy price rise impact. So what should you be doing?

Budget announcement

20 March 2013


20 March 2013 | Budget briefing from entitledto

This briefing provides details of the measures announced in the Budget on 20th March 2013. While there were no major changes to welfare benefits announced, some of the changes will have an impact on those receiving benefits or tax credits or those in low paid work.

New Website Launched

2 March 2013


2 March 2013 | New website launched

This website found at is here to help people understand their entitlements and see how they are affected by welfare reform. We cover all means-tested benefits and our products are updated for new legislation, including Universal Credit. We hope that you like our new website.

Conference presentation - the Impact of Universal Credit

4 October 2012


4 October 2012 | Conference presentation - the Impact of Universal Credit

Phil Agulnik addresses the IRRV Conference on the Impact of Universal Credit. The slides are available to download here.

DCLG accounce transition grant of £100million for local authorities

1 October 2012


October 2012 | DCLG announce transition grant of £100 million for local authorities

DCLG announce transition grant of £100million for local authorities to help with localisation of council tax support. At entitledto we can help you consult and implement schemes that qualify for extra support from DCLG.

Council Tax Support calculator helping local authorities

3 September 2012


3 September 2012 | Council Tax Support calculator helping local authorities

Our Council Tax Support calculator is improving Council Tax Support consultation websites. See for details.

New 'bedroom tax' calculator launched

13 June 2012


13 June 2012 | New 'bedroom tax' calculator launched

New 'bedroom tax' calculator launched. The new bedroom tax calculator helps landlords tell tenants how much they will lose and help them to take action to avoid the 'bedroom tax'. More information available at

Phil appears on BBC Radio 5 live with Nicky Campbell

29 April 2012


29 April 2013 | Phil appears on BBC Radio 5 live with Nicky Campbell

In this interview on BBC Radio 5 live, entitledto Director Phil Agulnik answers questions on Universal Credit. The pilot starts today in Tameside and is due to go live nationally in October 2013. The introduction of Universal Credit replaces a series of benefits which will gradually be abolished.

Phil appears on BBC Radio London with Vanessa Feltz

15 April 2012


15 April 2013 | Phil appears on BBC Radio London with Vanessa Feltz

In this interview on BBC Radio London, entitledto Director Phil Agulnik speaks to Vanessa Feltz about the Benefits Cap trial. The trial starts today in four London Boroughs (Enfield, Haringey, Croydon and Bromley). The cap sets a limit on how much one family can receive in certain benefits.

Briefing on child benefit changes

21 March 2012


21 March 2012 | Briefing on child benefit changes

The government has announced changes to child benefits, impacting those families with income of over £50,000. Full details about the changes are available on our briefing page about the new policies.

White Paper 'Designing local Council Tax Support schemes'

22 February 2012


22 February 2012 | White Paper 'Designing local Council Tax Support schemes'

To help local authorities develop policy on local Council Tax Support, entitledto have published a White Paper on design options. To view the White Paper see Designing local Council Tax Support schemes


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