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Mixed age couples - resources

The government's long awaited changes for mixed aged couples, where one is over state pension age and one under, came into force on 15 May 2019. However, claims are still possible until 13 August 2019 for people who meet the qualifying rules (at state pension age by 14 May) due to backdating rules.

After this date benefits for these couples will be based on the age of the youngest partner, not oldest, costing them around £7,000 a year. However, if someone applies for Pension Credit in time their income will be protected at the higher amount.

It is therefore essential people are encouraged to claim as soon as possible, before it is too late.

To help you spread the word about the changes we have put together a range of resources for you to promote the issue to your audience.

If you need a background to the issue read our mixed age couples blog.

Then read on for social media tips, copy for blogs/newsletters/emails, ideas for Housing Associations and Local Authorities and other ways to get involved.

Shout out on social media

Here are a few sample tweets and text for facebook. Feel free to make up your own and merge with the images below.

There are new benefits rules for couples where one was over state pension age and one under on 14 May. If affected, you need to claim before 13 August this year as you could lose up to £7,000 a year. Check now at [INSERT URL OF CALCULATOR]

Are you one of the 1.3 million who are missing out on Pension Credit? Claim by 13 Aug if you or your partner were pension age on 14 May this year or you could lose up to £7,000 a year if you are a mixed age couple. Check now to see if you are eligible [INSERT URL OF CALCULATOR] 

Universal Credit replaced Pension Credit for some older couples on 15 May and it could pay up to £7,000 a year less. If you were pension age at the time you still have time to protect your payment. The deadline is 13 Aug, so check if you're affected at [INSERT URL OF CALCULATOR]

Pensioner couples saw changes to their benefits from 15 May when help became based on the age of the youngest partner, not oldest. This could mean a loss of up to £7,000 a year. The deadline to apply is 13 Aug so check if you can claim at [INSERT URL OF CALCULATOR]

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mixed age warning  mixed age warning

Copy for blogs, newsletters and emails

If you contact your clients via blogs, newsletters or emails you can use this copy and adapt it for your area or audience.

Download suggested copy for contacting your clients.  

Housing Associations 

Use data on your tenants to contact those affected. This could be couples who are already claiming Universal Credit but would be better off claiming Pension Credit. Claiming before the deadline could help your tenants by:

  • Avoiding rent arrears building up, as can often be the case for Universal Credit (pension age cases can still claiming Housing Benefit).
  • Stop them being affected by the bedroom tax. 

Ideas for Local Authorities 

When someone claims Pension Credit they become part of your pension age caseload so are protected from the bedroom tax, benefit cap and council tax support reforms. 

You could use your Council Tax Support or SHBE data to contact mixed age couples directly. This could be couples not claiming any benefits or those who are already claiming Universal Credit but would be better off claiming Pension Credit.

Other ways to get involved

Email wendy AT with your success stories and we will shout about them for you.

Let Wendy know if you would like any other help writing content for your clients or if you think we can help you in any way.