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How to use this site


There is a lot of information about benefits and we couldn't put all of it on one page at once. So if you come across a question and want to know more about the benefit, check to see if it is underlined, like this. If it is, you can click on the underlined word and you can find out more.

Question Marks

In some places on the site you can also click on the blue ? sign to find out more about what the question is asking for.

Pound sign

If the question is asking you for an amount of money, for example 'how much is your rates bill', there should be a £ sign already in the box. You don’t need to put the £ sign in yourself.


Some of the questions have multiple choice options displayed in boxes. If you click on the box with the answer you want to select this means you are answering 'yes' to that option.

Drop down menu

Some of the questions will have a range of answers displayed as a list and the list will have arrows next to it. If the answer box has arrows you can click on the arrows and a 'drop-down box' will appear giving you all the possible answers. Then move your mouse over and click on one of the options. The drop-down box will stay there until you select an answer or click somewhere else on the screen.