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Housing costs: rules for over 60s

People over the qualifying age for state pension credit can claim for help with mortgage payments through Pension Credit. You will get help with your mortgage immediately if you qualify. We show your Pension Credit entitlement including any help with mortgage payments you are entitled to.

There is a limit on the outstanding mortgage that can be claimed for. This is set at £100,000 for most claimants over the qualifying age for state pension credit. However, the limit on the outstanding mortgage does not apply if the loan was used to adapt a home, or if a house move was necessary to meet special needs. You may also qualify for a higher limit if you previously received help with mortgage interest payments through a working-age benefit.

Any loan taken out to adapt your property for the special needs of a disabled person are ignored when working out if your loan exceeds the cap. The Department of Work and Pensions also has the power to restrict the amount of loan they will meet if they believe that your housing costs are excessive (e.g. that the property is too big for your household’s needs or the area you live in is much more expensive than other areas nearby where there are suitable properties).

Please note that if you used part of your mortgage for other purposes (e.g. to pay off debts) you cannot get help with that part of your loan.

The calculator will let you calculate help with your mortgage up to the amount you enter. However, this does not necessarily mean that you will qualify up to this level. Please check that you are entitled to help with the mortgage amount you enter. If you enter a mortgage amount that is above the limit that applies to you then the amount estimated by the calculator will be too high.