Housing Benefit (rates)

Housing Benefits Rates in Northern Ireland

Housing Benefit (rates) provides help with domestic rates bills in Northern Ireland.

If you are on a means-tested out-of-work benefit like Income Support you will generally get full help with your domestic rates and will not have to contribute anything. If you are in low paid work or have other income then you may pay some of your domestic rates bill yourself and receive help with the rest through Housing Benefit (rates).

Other forms of help with domestic rates are available. You could qualify for reduction for disabilities though the Disabled Persons Allowance scheme. If you are single and aged 70 or over you might get a reduction through the Lone Pensioner’s Allowance scheme.

If you are a tenant, either of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive or in the private sector, you may also qualify for help with rent through Housing Benefit. Both kinds of Housing Benefit - for rent and for rates - are administered by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive. To find out more and to make a claim go to the Northern Ireland Housing Executive website.

If you are an owner-occupier then Housing Benefit (rates) is administered by Land and Property Services.To find out more and to make a claim go to the Land and Property Services website.



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