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Domestic rates in Northern Ireland

Enter the actual domestic rates bill you pay, after any discounts or reduction for disabilities though the Disabled Persons Allowance scheme or reduction through the Lone Pensioner’s Allowance scheme.

Domestic rates are payable on all residential properties, with bills based on the capital value of your home as at 1 January 2005. Domestic rates must be paid on every occupied residential property in Northern Ireland. If your household receives full Housing Benefit (for rates), you will not receive a rate bill. The amount to enter into the calculator is your rates bill excluding any help you get through Housing Benefit for rates.

Your domestic rate bill is calculated by multiplying your rateable capital valuation by the domestic rate for your council area. The domestic rate for your area is made up of the regional rate set by the Northern Ireland Executive and the district rate set by individual councils.

If you do not know the domestic rate for your property you can use the Land and Property Services (LPS) website to find your capital valuation. You can then work out your rates bill by inputting your capital valuation and council area into the LPS rates bill calculator.

If you are claiming Universal Credit you may be eligible for a Rate Rebate. The calculator will work this out for you and tell you on your results page.