Disabled Children

Disabled children

If you are already claiming Disability Living Allowance for a child, please select the appropriate rate. If you are not sure about which component you are claiming, please see Disability Living Allowance for children.

Eligibility for other benefits

Child Tax Credit and means-tested benefits are more generous for disabled children. The calculator automatically works out the extra amounts you may be entitled to.

If you claim Disability Living Allowance for a child, you also qualify for the disabled child element of Child Tax Credit and a Disabled Child Premium in means-tested benefits. Children getting Disability Living Allowance higher rate care component also receive the severe disability element of Child Tax Credit and an Enhanced Disability Premium in benefits.

Please get more information if your child is registered blind but not receiving Disability Living Allowance.

More Information

The calculator cannot help in giving advice where a child is eligible for Disability Living Allowance but not claiming. Contact details are on the Disability benefits helpline page and for Northen Ireland on the NIdirect website.

For general information about disability and related benefits please visit the sites on our more advice page.

If you spend 35 hours or more a week looking after a child receiving Disability Living Allowance you may be able to claim Carer's Allowance.