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Children born recently or expected

Children born/adopted recently or expected

At the moment we are unable to calculate benefits for children who are yet to be born. So if you are pregnant and would like to see your benefits including this child, please enter age '0' and today's date as their date of birth into the calculator.

Bedroom entitlement

If you include an unborn or not yet adopted child in your number of children, the calculator will also include that child when working out your bedroom entitlement for calculating any help with housing costs you may be entitled to through Housing Benefit or the Universal Credit housing element. In reality the child won't be included in your bedroom entitlement until it is born/adopted so if you want to see your actual entitlement for now, before the birth/adoption, please don't include the child in your number of children.

Child Tax Credit

If you include an unborn or not yet adopted child in your number of children the calculator will work out what Child Tax Credit entitlement you will have once the child is born/adopted. Because of the way tax credits work, you may receive a higher amount of tax credits, or start qualifying, after the birth/adoption of a child.

Universal Credit

If you want to check what your Universal Credit entitlement would be including the unborn/not yet adopted child you will need to make their date of birth today's date and we will include them in the calculation.