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child additions in Income Support and JSA

People claiming Income Support and Jobseeker’s Allowance after April 2004 have additional amounts paid for qualifying children through Child Tax Credit. For these people their IS/JSA award is an ‘adult only’ payment. The calculator works out entitlement to IS/JSA on this basis.

People who had their awards made before April 2004 who have qualifying children may receive payments for children through their IS/JSA award rather than through the Child Tax Credit system. If this applies to you we can not work out your entitlement to IS/JSA – the calculator only estimates the amount of ‘adult-only’ benefit payable.

If you currently receive child additions then these will be lost if you claim Child Tax Credit and, importantly, certain passported benefits will also be lost. However, in some instances you may be better-off moving on to Child Tax Credit, in particular if you have earnings.

Seek advice

Because of these complexities you should seek detailed advice about whether your household would be better or worse off if you move on to Child Tax Credit.