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Calculating Carers Allowance

You may be eligible for Carer's Allowance but not get it paid to you because you have another benefit paid at a higher amount. This is due to the rules on overlapping benefits. If you claim Carer’s Allowance (as opposed to being eligible but not receiving any money) then the amount you receive is included as income when your entitlement to benefits is calculated.

We will estimate a weekly award but please check this against the amount you actually receive. If you get another 'overlapping' benefit make sure that you only enter the amount you receive from Carer’s Allowance.

Whether or not you actually recieve Carer’s Allowance, if you are eligible for Carer's Allowance (having claimed it) then you are entitled to a carer’s premium in means-tested benefits (a premium is extra money added to a means-tested benefit). However, if you are caring for a disabled adult, a claim for Carer's Allowance can lead to a reduction in any means-tested benefits they get. The rules are complicated so get further advice. For more information see disability premiums in benefits.

Due the complexities of this benefit, and the potential for it to have a detrimental effect on the benefit of the cared for person, we strongly advise you to seek further advice from a recognised adviser before claiming Carer's Allowance. Please contact a local advice agency.

For information on whether you may be able to claim see eligibility rules for Carer’s Allowance. If you meet the eligibility rules for Carer's Allowance but do not receive it because of overlapping benefits e.g. State Pension you should select the option eligible for CA but not in payment in the Carer's Allowance question.