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Universal Credit Roll Out Timetable

This page is now out of date, it has been left here for reference. Please read the Universal Credit Roll Out guide.


The government's timetable for rolling out Universal Credit was originally based on an October 2013 start date. However, this timetable has been revised on a number of occasions. Latest information on the timetable is below

The Universal Credit pilots started in a few Jobcentres around Manchester and during 2013 and 2014 this pilot area gradually expanded to include the whole of North-West England. As well as North-West England, the following 6 Jobcentre areas were also included in the pilots: Hammersmith,Iinverness, Bath, Rugby, Harrogate and Shotton. In these pilot areas eligibility was restricted to single and couple jobseekers (though from 24 November 2014 claims from people with children were allowed in Warrington and the Wirral).

Roll out in rest of GB 

  • From February 2015 national rollout started, further pilot areas outside North-West England were included in the scheme. National rollout only affected new benefit claims by single jobseekers; all other people continued to claim existing benefits.
  • During 2015 and into 2016, Universal Credit gradually rolled out across the whole of Great Britain for new claims by single jobseekers, completing on 27 April 2016. All new benefit claims by single jobseekers will now be for Universal Credit not existing benefits and tax credits.
  • By September 2018 new claims by all groups  will be for Universal Credit not existing benefits and tax credits
  • Existing benefit and tax credit claimants who do not have a change of circumstance will not be migrated onto Universal Credit until July 2019 with this process being completed in March 2022.
Please be aware that these details may change!