Treated as having limited capability for work

Universal Credit: Treatments and Health Conditions

The Limited Capability for Work element only applies to claims started before April 2017, so is no longer relevent for new claims. This page is kept here for reference information only, please read the Health conditions that exempt you from work-related activity guide instead.


How having certain treatments and health conditions affects Universal Credit

If you are claiming Universal Credit and start having certain treatments or health conditions, you may receive the Limited Capability for Work (LCW) element without needing to have a Work Capability Assessment (WCA).


If you are:

  • having regular weekly haemodialysis for chronic renal failure
  • having plasmapheris
  • having regular weekly total parenteral nutrition for gross impairment of enteric function
  • having medical or other treatment as an in-patient in a hospital or similar institution, after a health care professional has advised that you need to stay in hospital overnight or for longer
  • recovering from any of the above treatments

When the law prevents you working

If you are prevented by law from working because you have been in contact with certain infections or contaminants and have been, or are likely to have been, infected or contaminated.

Risk to self or others

If you have an illness, disease or disablement that could cause a substantial risk to your physical or mental health or that of someone else.

But this does not apply if the risk could be reduced significantly by:

  • reasonable adjustments being made in your workplace
  • you taking prescribed medication to manage your condition

Life-threatening disease

If you have a life-threatening disease which cannot be controlled by any recognised therapeutic procedure.

Disabled and over the age for state Pension Credit

If you have reached state Pension Credit age and are entitled to Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment.

What you will need to do

Your adviser will tell you to ask your GP or specialist to provide a completed DS1500 form giving details about your treatment or health condition. This will be part of the information the Department for Work and Pensions uses when deciding whether or not you have Limited Capability for Work.


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