Self-reporting childcare costs

Self-reporting childcare costs

How to report your childcare costs for Universal Credit

If you qualify for the Childcare Costs element, you must report the actual costs you pay out in each assessment period. You must do this even if your costs haven't changed from the previous month. To report childcare costs you need to contact the DWP.

What happens if you don't report childcare costs on time

If you don't report your childcare costs within the assessment period you paid them, the Childcare Costs element won't be included in your Universal Credit for that assessment period.

If you report your childcare costs late, they may still be considered but only if you report them in the next assessment period. If these costs are allowed a separate payment will be made.

Saving evidence

You must keep, for two years, evidence of the actual childcare costs you have paid out and claimed for - for example, receipts. This is because you may need to provide evidence of your childcare costs at a later date.


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