Personal Independence Payment Mobility

Personal Independence Payment Mobility

Personal Independence Payment is designed to help with the extra costs caused by ill-health or disability. It consists of two parts, each of which can be at the standard rate or the enhanced rate. This page is about the mobility component.

The mobility component is payable at two rates:

  • Standard rate – if you have a limited mobility
  • Enhanced rate - if you have a severely limited mobility

Each of these components entitles the claimant to a regular weekly award.

Who can get a Personal Independence Payment?

Most people will have a face to face consultation with a health professional to assess their mobility needs as part of the activity test. The person’s circumstances are compared with a set of criteria to determine if they are entitled to help. In order to qualify for the mobility component of PIP a person has to score a certain number of points in relation to 2 activities. These are:

  • Planning and following journeys
  • Moving around

The number of points awarded are used to decide what type of PIP a person is entitled to and what level of award they receive. The person claiming must have the required number of points for the three months before they made their claim and they must be expected to have them for the following nine months.