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Disability and sickness benefits

If you tell us you are currently receiving a disability or sickness benefit we will ask you which benefit you claim on the disability benefits page, if you are claiming Employment and Support Allowance this will be captured on the out of work benefits page.

If you tell us you recently received a disability or sickness benefit and work 16 or more hours - and we are not carrying out a Universal Credit calculation - we will ask later in the calculator if you qualify for the Working Tax Credit disability element.

If you tell us you are ill or disabled but not claiming a disability or sickness benefit, the calculator cannot tell you if you are eligible for disability benefits but will provide information about eligibility and how to claim Personal Independence Payment or Attendance Allowance, depending on your age.

What does this mean for coronavirus cases?

If you need to self-isolate due to coronavirus – whether you have the illness yourself or you need to care for someone else as a result – the benefits that may be available to you depend on your situation. Read our Coronavirus help guide for more information.

This government page about coronavirus and benefits has more information. We will update this section more as details become available

Where to get further help?

For general information about disability and sickness related benefits please visit one of the sites on our more advice page.

For information on the rules used in the calculator to work out eligibility to disability related allowances or premiums, see disability premiums in benefits.