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Welcome! Here you can read about our view on benefits changes with the odd update about our tools and services.

Supporting Londoners to access advice and guidance

February 10, 2023 – entitledto

As part of a GLA funded digital tools programme to help Londoners during the cost of living crisis we have added new functionality to our public benefits calcautor - find out more in our latest blog

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£15+ billion unclaimed means-tested benefits – but the sketchy take-up data makes it hard to say for sure

January 05, 2021 – entitledto

In our latest blog covering the take-up of income-related benefits we find over £15 billion is still being unclaimed by low income households across the UK. On paper this may look better than last year's £16 billion but the reduced amount of data made available by the government serves to raise more questions than they answer.

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£16 billion remains unclaimed in means tested benefits each year

February 27, 2020 – entitledto

For the third year running we take a look at the government's benefit take-up stats. The headlines suggest things have improved, as the amount of unclaimed benefits has dropped, but read our blog to find out why the changes might not be as positive as they seem.

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entitledto and Team Netsol respond to the Scottish Parliament benefit take-up inquiry

January 22, 2020 – entitledto

Last year the Scottish Parliament's Social Security Committee launched an inquiry into benefit take-up to explore how take-up for social security benefits can be improved in Scotland. entitledto submitted a joint response to the inquiry with Team Netsol to say there are four processes needed to create successful take-up rates. Read our full response for more detail.

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How to means-test free TV licences: entitledto's response to BBC consultation

June 10, 2019 – entitledto

The BBC has announced today that only households with over 75 year olds in receipt of pension credit will continue to receive the licence fee for free from June 2020 onwards. entitledto submitted a response to the BBC's consultation earlier this year to say that, If it chooses to target TV licences, it should take the opportunity to promote benefit take-up. Read our full response for more detail.

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