Welcome! Here you can read about our view on benefits changes with the odd update about our tools and services.

New entitledto tool launched for benefits advisers

March 27, 2019 – entitledto

Providing benefits advice in the UK is a tough job with constantly changing rules and regulations and increasingly stretched resources. At entitledto we know benefits advisers do an incredible job of helping people to improve their financial situation by providing entitlement advice and we want to help you help more people out of poverty.

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Evidence to the DWP committee on Universal Credit natural migration

March 06, 2019 – entitledto

This morning, our Director, Phil Agulnik, give evidence to the Work and Pensions Committee about the natural migration of Universal Credit and ways the government can minimise detriment to those being moved to it.

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Older mixed age couples need to check their benefit entitlement now

January 15, 2019 – entitledto

Couples of different ages, where one reaches state pension age, will see changes from May 2019. Benefits will be based on the age of the youngest partner, not oldest, costing couples £000s if they don't claim Pension Credit in time.

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Over £20 billion still unclaimed in means tested benefits

December 12, 2018 – entitledto

A year ago we crunched the numbers on the amounts of people who are entitled to claim means tested benefits but don’t. A year later new stats show us little has changed and billions of £££ remain unclaimed.

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How can entitledto's affordability calculator help your organisation?

November 24, 2017 – entitledto

Not sure on why or how our affordability calculator can help your organisation? We've listed some of the ways the tool will help you to support your tenants and while doing so protect your rental income.

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