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November 14, 2017 – entitledto
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We are relied upon by Local Government, Housing Associations and Charities to help people in their communities maximise their entitlements and see how they are affected by welfare reform, which is why we've put together a list of our top 5 tools that we believe every organisation may need when it comes to calculating these entitlements.

1) Affordability calculator

The affordability calculator is transforming the way that housing providers manage their allocations. By investing in the affordability calculator you can streamline your processes while ensuring that your tenancies are sustainable both at the time housing applicants apply and also as various welfare reforms come into force. 

Key features and unique benefits:

  • Highly configurable to your branding and style
  • Highly configurable to your affordability criteria
  • Assess vulnerability as part of your pre-tenancy assessment
  • Trigger figures and standard amounts of functionality for quick and accurate calculations
  • Identifies unclaimed benefits for income maximisation
  • Ensures tenancies are sustainable as welfare reforms take place

2) Budgeting tool

Why is the budgeting tool in the top 5? Well, just like many of our other tools, the budgeting tool is important for your organisation as it allows you to help people budget more effectively, which is becoming more and more essential for housing associations, local authorities and advice organisations. Direct monthly payments under Universal Credit represent a significant new risk for both landlords and tenants. The budgeting tool is a cost-effective solution that promotes good financial management. 

Key features and unique benefits:

  • A comprehensive budgeting form with entries all on one page
  • Highly configurable budget and results
  • Trigger figures and standard amounts for quick & accurate budgeting
  • Create multiple budgets, save and retrieve results in minutes

3) Better off calculator

The better off calculator is an online solution designed for advisers helping clients into work. With both advisers and self-serve views, the better off calculator can significantly improve the performance of your advisers at a low incremental cost. 

Key features and unique benefits:

  • Simple graphical comparisons between on-benefit and in-work situations 
  • Responsive UX design of new self-serve interface
  • Advisers and clients can carry out quick and accurate benefits calculations
  • Help benefit claimants understand the consequences of moving into workSeamless integration with your CRM system

4) Adviser

Just like many of our other tools, adviser is just as important as it is a calculator designed for professionals so that they can provide accurate, independent & authoritative calculations. It has been designed for advisers to complete calculations in the quickest way possible. Like all entitledto products, it is responsive and dynamic and only asks questions that are relevant to the particular calculation being carried out.

Key features and unique benefits:

  • Advisers without subject matter expertise can provide quick, accurate and reliable calculations
  • Detailed breakdown of the calculations underlying estimates, including numbers 'what ifs'
  • Detailed help information to help professionals complete calculations
  • Use adviser to manage user accounts and configure help pages to your requirements

5) Public benefits calculator

The public benefits calculator calculates entitlements for all welfare reforms including Universal Credit. The new UX design of the public benefits calculator ensures users have the best possible experience whether they are accessing the calculator from a mobile, tablet or desktop.

Key features and unique benefits:

  • Labelled to your organisational branding
  • Includes full functionality and enhanced features
  • Highly configurable with a sophisticated administration interface
  • Always up-to-date with the latest rules and legislation

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