How can entitledto's affordability calculator help your organisation?

November 24, 2017 – entitledto
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Not sure on why or how our affordability calculator can help your business? We've listed some of the ways the tool will help you to support your tenants and while doing so protect your rental income.

By using the affordability calculator businesses can reduce tenancy failures, encourage tenant retention, improve tenant satisfaction and maximise rental income. 

"entitledto were able to build on the concept and design, to create a system which is easy to use, functional and useful."  

- Ellen Salkeld, Viridian Housing

Developed in partnership with Optivo the calculator includes many features designed to help organisations, carry out accurate, independent and reliable calculations, including:

New UX design 

The affordability calculator has been designed with UX in mind to help users navigate through complicated calculations in the simplest way possible.


It's responsive in UX sense but also in relation to the content. Pages appear if they are relevant to the user but we don't ask them if they don't apply.

User journey

From the responsive intelligent questioning to in-built look-up facilities such as Council Tax bands, we try to help users complete the calculation as quickly as possible.

Trigger figures

These allow us to simplify the journey and provide tailored support. For example, we input standard amounts for fixed costs for things like a TV licence. We can also set expected amounts for expenditure so that you can provide personal budgeting support where tenants have an under (or over) spend. 

Income maximisation and welfare reform

See if tenants have any unclaimed benefits and ensure tenancies are sustainable in the long-term as welfare reform changes take effect.

Highly configurable

The text, emails and affordability criteria are customisable to your requirements. We have a number of housing associations (large and small) using the affordability calculator with various affordability schemes.

Powerful management information

The tool comes with an in-built administration area so you can manage applications, look at trends and ensure you protect your rental income. 

Additional key features:

  • Streamline your tenancy applications
  • Create sustainable tenancies
  • Evidence tenancy support
  • Accessible & easy
  • Intuitive to use
  • Time saving

Get access to the affordability calculator completely free for 30 days.  Contact us to find out how.

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