It’s arrived - take a look at our new customisable budgeting tool

Helping our users to manage their finances more effectively is a key objective for 
entitledto and we want to ensure that our users are fully supported to manage their 
income and finances.

With Universal Credit payments being paid as one lump sum and housing costs 
being paid direct to claimants, budgeting skills and making good financial choices will 
become increasingly essential.

We want to ensure that organisations can address these challenges and have the 
tools to support those in financial need, particularly before Universal Credit is fully 
rolled out.

Budgeting and financial management is not always an exciting topic, but it is an 
essential activity. For various reasons budget planners can be notoriously tedious 
and time-consuming and it’s hard to keep people focused on the sums or engaged to 
complete the exercise effectively. 

We know there are other budgeting tools out there, but we are really pleased with 
our offer. Why? Because it’s quicker, easier to use and you can get results in 

We want to ensure that both the adviser and the user experience is a good one, 
which is why we have created a simple, holistic solution. Use our budgeting tool with 
our calculator taking you seamlessly, from benefits, to in work ‘better off’ 
calculations, to budgeting. 

Its fast, it’s simple and its customisable pages mean that organisations can develop 
their own tailored support, advice or triage solutions. Advisers can save, track and 
manage multiple budgets and reports can be generated to analyse patterns and 
budget trends. 

Subscribe to our budgeting tool as a standalone product or integrate it with our range 
of calculators.

Budget Leaflet Download

Key features of the budgeting tool include:

  • A quick & comprehensive budget all on one page 
  • Adjustable to suit weekly or monthly spending 
  • Promote your services or signpost with customised content 
  • Analyse pattern & trends and track budget outcomes across the organisation 
  • Branded to match your corporate style 
  • Integration with the benefit calculator for a one-stop financial planner 

For further information on the budgeting tool visit or contact

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