How can entitledto's adviser tool help you to help your clients in financial need?

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About adviser

We’ve enhanced adviser with the intention of supporting professionals who work to help people in financial need.

We've improved the functionality and management information and statistics and we’ve also included the facility for advisers to complete multiple calculations for clients and carry out 'better-off' and ‘what if’ comparisons. 

Features of the adviser calculator

We’ve produced a short promotional video on adviser which gives a summary of how adviser works and how it might help you if you are a professional working to help people in financial need.



Accessing adviser

All you need to access adviser is a simple browser and internet access. If you’d like more details regarding adviser visit or email me at

Next blog

The next blog from entitledto will introduce a new product we are offering to help users with budgeting. The new product is a budgeting tool so come back soon to read the next blog about our latest new product.

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