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If you (and your partner) have TOTAL capital of £6,000 or less you do not need to enter your capital - the first £6,000 of your capital is ignored.

If you have total capital over £6,000 please enter the amount you have in each category, without taking off the amount ignored by the government. The calculator then works out your total capital and the weekly income the government assumes you get on this capital when assessing your benefit entitlement (this is shown by the box 'Assumed weekly income from capital').

For information on which assets are not included as capital and the formula used to convert capital into income please see more information on capital over £6,000.

Bank, building society or post office account (inc. current accounts) Help icon

National Savings Certificates and Premium Bonds


Cash description

ISAs, PEPs and TESSAs:

Income bonds, capital bonds or pensioner bonds

Shares or unit trusts held in the UK or abroad

Total capital

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Assumed weekly income from capital Help icon

£ 0
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