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Disability Benefits Questions

Have you had an illness or disability for more than three months? If so you might qualify for a Personal Independence Payment (PIP). There are 2 types of PIP: Daily Living and Mobility. They can each be paid at standard or enhanced rate.

The questions below will help to indicate whether you qualify. We can provide you with more information on the benefits available to sick and disabled people but we cannot tell you whether you will qualify.

Do you need help with any of the following:

Daily living activities Help icon

  • Preparing food.
  • Taking nutrition.
  • Managing therapy or monitoring a health condition.
  • Washing and bathing.
  • Managing toilet needs or incontinence.
  • Dressing and undressing.
  • Communicating verbally.
  • Reading and understanding signs, symbols and words.
  • Engaging with other people face to face.
  • Making budgeting decisions.

Mobility activities Help icon

  • Planning and following journeys.
  • Moving around.

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