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Contributory benefits

If you have paid enough National Insurance contributions in the last few years you should be able to claim a contributory benefit. This may be on top of other benefits you are entitled to, which we will work out for you. We recommend reading our contributory benefits help page to find out more about the qualifying conditions before completing this page.

Which contributory benefit, if any, do you currently receive? Help icon

Whichever type of contributory benefit you receive please select it below.

Which ESA phase applies?

If you are making a new claim this is normally the assessment phase

Which ESA component applies?

If you receive the support component you are exempt from the benefit cap

Did you spend at least 26 weeks in work between 6th April 2016 and 5th April 2018?

Time spent working can be added up.

It looks like you have paid enough National Insurance to qualify for contribution-based benefits.

Are you looking for work? Help icon

We will work out your entitlement to New style Jobseeker's Allowance

Do you have an illness or disability that affects your ability to work? Help icon

We will work out your entitlement to contributory Employment and Support Allowance in the assessment phase. In some situations, such as if you are undergoing a course of therapy or are terminally ill, a component can be added without needing a work capability assessment, see our Treated as having limited capability for work help page. If this applies to you, please go back to the first question on this page and select Employment and Support Allowance, main phase, and the appropriate component for you.

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