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Benefits you currently receive

What you tell us on this page affects which benefits you could be entitled to so please answer each question carefully. There are currently two benefits systems – legacy benefits and Universal Credit – and we need to know if you, or your partner if you have one, already receive any of these benefits to work out your entitlements.

Do you currently receive Income Support, Jobseeker’s Allowance (income-based) or Employment and Support Allowance (income-related) ? Help icon

You may be getting one of these if you are out of work and on a low income.

Employment and Support Allowance phase?

As an existing claimant of ESA you are likely to be in the main phase of your award.

Employment and Support Allowance group?

This is determined by the Work Capability Assessment you had.

Was your claim made after April 2017?

If your claim for Employment and Support Allowance started on or after 3 April 2017 then you will not receive extra money if you are in the work-related activity group. Only people put in the Support group will receive extra money, for all new claims after this date.

Do you currently receive Working Tax Credit? Help icon

You may be getting this if you are in work and on a low income.

Do you currently receive a Severe Disability Premium in your benefit? Help icon

You may be getting this extra amount in your benefit if you don't have a carer receiving Carer's Allowance for looking after you. Please see the help icon for more detail.

As you currently receive a Severe Disability Premium you are in the small group of people who may still be able to start a new claim for a legacy benefit you’re not already claiming. Select yes for each benefit in this box (use the i to help you choose if you haven't already selected IS, JSA or ESA) and we will work out what you could be entitled to in your results. This is a complicated area so please do seek specialist advice and see our Severe Disability Premium help page for more information.

Which contributory benefit, if any, do you currently receive? Help icon

You may be getting contributory/new-style Jobseeker's Allowance or contributory/new-style Employment Support Allowance if you worked recently and paid National Insurance contributions.

Which ESA phase applies?

If you are making a new claim this is normally the assessment phase

Which ESA component applies?

If you receive the support component you are exempt from the benefit cap

Do you receive any other benefits?

Answer yes if you are getting a benefit related to maternity, paternity or bereavement, or a war related pension.

Do you currently receive Maternity Allowance or statutory maternity/paternity/adoption pay? Help icon


Do you currently receive Bereavement Allowance, Bereavement Support Payment or Widowed Parent's Allowance? Help icon


Do you currently receive War pension or war widow(er)'s pension Help icon

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