Benefit calculations

The entitledto calculator can help you check if you might be able to claim welfare benefits

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The people that use our website come from all walks of life. More than two million households use our calculators every year to determine their benefits entitlements. The employed, the underemployed and the unemployed, pensioners, teenagers, parents and singles. At entitledto we work hard to ensure that our benefits calculators are accurate and as easy to use as possible. Bear in mind that there are thousands of pages of legislation, regulations, orders and rules that underpin the benefits system. Hopefully you can understand that there are a few questions to get through.

You may be missing out on financial help that you are entitled to through welfare benefits. The entitledto calculator can help you check what you might be able to claim.

The benefits calculator can help you are:

  • Unemployed and looking for work
  • Ill or have disabilities
  • In work and on a low income
  • Caring for someone
  • Bringing up children
  • Retired

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